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Digital image steganography of encrypted text

Paranoia allows a user to securely transfer a text message by hiding it in a digital image file. 128 bit AES encryption is used to protect the content of the text message even if its presence were to be detected. Currently, no methods are known for breaking this kind of encryption within a reasonable period … Continue reading

Anomalous JavaScript Pt2

And finally something useful found in this decoded block(after decode) returns Now we make a quick stop off to ARIN.net to find out some more information about this particular IP address. What do we find? It is a static IP from inside the United States(wouldn’t be in ARIN otherwise). You can read more of … Continue reading

Anomalous JavaScript Pt 1

While examining the image and page source of the page the FBI put up on MegaUpload.com I found this anomalous JavaScript. I am having difficulties reproducing the content on other browsers. I am hoping this is not a bad sign. I am going to de-obfuscate this JavaScript so I can get a better idea of … Continue reading