About Pythorian

Who are you?

I am an experienced hacker/programmer who has been asleep since late 2001. I used to lurk on EFNET, DARKNET, and UNDERNET. Now I am just bouncing around looking up old friends and trying to find a new home in a world that has changed a lot in my absence.

How do you say your name?

PITH – OR – IAN I hear a lot of people say PIE instead, maybe I just need to change my expectation of how my name reads.

Whom do you serve?

I serve the tree of knowledge, I have no political agenda. Anyone who is willing to learn is worthy of knowledge as human knowledge belongs to the world. Though, I will never give my knowledge to be used as a tool for harming another.

Whom do you trust?

I trust everyone. Once you understand that everyone is serving their own interests in some way, and understand in which way, the world is safe.



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