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RE: Neal Rauhauser Kelly Hallissey Ron Brynaert and the FBI

Ugh, just put your junior detective decoder ring back in the cereal box people, you are dealing with knowledge that would make your mind implode if you even had half a clue what the truth really is. Sad part is that this guy actually sought me out for the sole purpose of wasting my time. … Continue reading

FBI sponsoring the illegal activities of hackers?

The image to the left is the relevant logs to the conversation here regarding illegal activities and malicious software. There are many other relevant logs and synopsis available on http://faksesec.wordpress.com Moving on…. with facts(better cover your eyes Jen) As we all know SanguineRose aka Sanguinarious aka William Welna is a paid informant thanks to the … Continue reading

@AsherahResearch fails yet again

@AsherahResearch Jen Emick Again with your vague tweets avoiding facts. The fact here is that the accusation attached to the logs was that you were aware of SanguineRose’s alteration of information that you were relaying in turn to the FBI, as well as toting as fact on twitter(how professional). This information was used in the … Continue reading

The NSA is too lazy to watch the news.

“1996 DARPA/NIST Continous Speech Recognition Broadcast News Hub-4” The DARPA Hub-4 test that began in 1995 is evaluating the use of large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) to transcribe audio recordings of broadcast news. Several preliminary Hub-4 evaluation results have been reported [1-5]. Coincidentally, in 1996, the Japanese government announced that it will issue a regulation … Continue reading

The downfall of anarchy

I read this extreme piece today and thought that the community might do well with a reminder of what we are working toward. While the quote below is quite accurate in its content, its also extremist, and agoraphobic to the point of being destructive or at the very least detrimental to humanity. Jen Jen Jen – As … Continue reading

Skype source subjected to DMCA Takedown

I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of downloading the recently reverse engineered source code for the popular online chat application Skype, and found it removed due to DMCA. It isn’t suprising to see it removed as Microsoft currently owns the product after purchasing the company for 8.5billion, and MS has a long history of … Continue reading