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Anomalous JavaScript Pt2

And finally something useful
found in this decoded block(after decode)

function Lc(){var b;try{b="localStorage"in window&&window.localStorage!==e}catch(a){b=!1}if(b){b=window.localStorage.clickbank_ads_request_time;var c=window.localStorage.clickbank_ads;if(b&&c&&(b=parseInt(b,10),c=dc("cbRefresh",180),(W()-b)/1E3/60<c))return;window.localStorage.clickbank_ads_request_time=W();


window.localStorage["clickbank_ads"] = '
{"id":"39","vendor":"mdpips","title":"Automatic Money Making Machine",
"description":"See how a robot can make you thousands of dollars in the stock market for you!",
{"id":"3","vendor":"dubturbo","title":"DUBTurbo: Digital Music Production",
"description":"Create unlimited hiphop and urban music beats on your PC or Mac. Youll Be Making Pro Beats Fast & Easy Starting Today!",
{"id":"15","vendor":"fastcashme","title":"Make Money Now!",
"description":"Fast cash. No limits. Learn how to become a millionaire before you turn 25!",
{"id":"17","vendor":"masspsites","title":"Do you want to make a lot of money?",
"description":"Learn how I made $463.34 in just 2 minutes. I dare you to. ",


Now we make a quick stop off to ARIN.net to find out some more information about this particular IP address. What do we find? It is a static IP from inside the United States(wouldn’t be in ARIN otherwise).

IP Owner to address static block arin

You can read more of the decode here: http://pastebin.com/jZ1Q9VXx


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Exploration and Production oriented security consultant for securing IT infrastructures relating to natural resources.


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