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@AlaskaAir : Why #AlaskaAirSux – The broken foot, the SeaTac, and the champagne pt1

Hi my name is Pythorian, and I like to fly places. In fact, I fly places a lot. When I was a child I used to fly Alaska Airlines transcontinental a lot, but now that I live in the states, I find that I don’t like flying with a propeller six inches from my face. … Continue reading

The RD Licensing Manager encountered an internal error from the license server Windows 2008

The RD Licensing Manager encountered an internal error from the license server. Message Number: 0xC0110011 Create batch file c:\clear_licenses.bat net stop termservlicensing del C:\Windows\System32\lserver\TLSLic.edb net start termservlicensing

USB to Serial USB\VID_067B&PID_2303&REV_0300 Driver Windows 7 x32 x64

USB\VID_067B&PID_2303&REV_0300 http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/supportDownload.aspx?FileType=56&FileID=133&pcid=85&Page=0 http://www.usglobalsat.com/store/download/62/windows_pl2303_usb_driver.zip If this doesn’t work, and you are on windows 7. It is likely because you the chip in your device is a counterfeit. This was especially prevalent in the Link Depot units sold EVERYWHERE (Walmart, Fry’s, Amazon, Ebay, etc) The only alternatives here are to use Windows XP or to get a … Continue reading

Spoof a MAC


Port 4567 on Centurylink and Verizon PT2

Since some people still don’t get it and have resorted to calling me a “nigger” to prove their argument as sound…. I am posting this followup article that also includes pretty pictures. HERE, picture 1 And here are the basic features of such remote administration. Service activation and reconfiguration Initial configuration of the service as … Continue reading

Port 4567 on Centurylink and Verizon

Little disturbed buzz about 4567 over the last day or two as a few newfags realized that 4567 is open to the world. Well how exactly did you expect that your DSL tech support can tell whether or not your modem is working properly and run speed tests on the link? MAGIC?? 4567 is registered … Continue reading

Securing Windows Against Stupid Simple Attacks: Pt 3 Auto Share Server aka Administrative Shares

Most users and admins of windows machines don’t know that each drive has an administrative share for each Logical Volume(partition). These shares are hidden from browsing by putting a ‘$’ at the end of the share name ie ‘c$’ ‘d$’ etc. These shares can lead to information disclosure or be potentially used to place a … Continue reading

Securing Windows Against Stupid Simple Attacks: Pt 2 AutoRun is enabled

Virus distribution via USB is growing with alarming popularity. The recent Gauss virus, a cousin of Stuxnet and Flame, has an encrypted payload that is installed on to USB mediums if a target machine meets certain criteria. Similarly the Stuxnet virus would propagate faster on illegal copies of windows. Zemra was revealed to have USB … Continue reading

Securing Windows Against Stupid Simple Attacks: Pt 1 The Premise

Those of you that work with me already know that I am a huge proponent of the Windows operating system as a versatile platform that is easy to administer. I reserve the use of Linux systems to specialty appliance type roles on a network. If I need a more advanced router, if I need a … Continue reading

Tracking Website Visitors Pt5: Installation Script

/tracker/install.php Tracking Website Visitors Pt1: Masking Image Requests Tracking Website Visitors Pt2: Returning Image From Database Tracking Website Visitors Pt3: Returning Tracking Information Tracking Website Visitors Pt4: Uploading Image to MySql Tracking Website Visitors Pt5: Installation Script