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Bruteforce Luks Encrypted Partition Password

First and foremost, you should know that bruteforcing Luks is no easy task: the PBKDF2 norm, used by Luks, make it hard to brute-force : Luks doesn’t use the passphrase you give him as a source to decrypt data. It use your passphrase as a source for a very complex alogrithm, done a great number … Continue reading

Detecting Steganography in JPG Images

If you read my article on using MITM attacks on Tor you might be wondering about practical purposes other than stealing passwords and personal information. The fact is that I have no interest whatsoever in targeting specific people. I do what I do for 2 reason, I find the synergy and flow of data sexy, … Continue reading

Logging Your Linux Terminal

Sometimes you need to log a terminal for one reason or another in linux for later reference and review. I recently required such a thing and with a little looking around I figure I would share it with everyone. There is a program that is called script that does this and then a bit. When … Continue reading