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Automatically decompiling virii

While looking for better and faster ways of analyzing virii to attack CNCs faster I ended up finding some new tools out in the world these days. You guys keep me on my toes with coming out with open source tech constantly! There is a free .Net compiler called JustDecompile recently release by Telerik(ok of … Continue reading

Detecting Steganography in JPG Images

If you read my article on using MITM attacks on Tor you might be wondering about practical purposes other than stealing passwords and personal information. The fact is that I have no interest whatsoever in targeting specific people. I do what I do for 2 reason, I find the synergy and flow of data sexy, … Continue reading

Taking Down Zemra – Introduction

The Zemra DDoS Bot is currently sold in various forums for ~$125USD. It is detected by up to date Symantec definitions as Backdoor.Zemra. Zemra first appeared on underground forums in May 2012. It comes on to the scene behind a laundry list of other tools such as Zeus and SpyEye. The package itself is not very … Continue reading