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Career advice: Don’t ever be belligerent

Jack Gorodezky recently found himself the target or some nasty press after he apparently showed up uninvited to an ambassador’s home. The news pieces went on to accuse him of blackmail/extortion related activities. He has been spamming LinkedIn for assistance for a while, below are the communications that followed.

Jack Gorodezky LinkedIn:

please I need your help to delete erase defamatory false articles in Google Help. It’s very important. Thanks Jack.


You have sent out so many of these that I am not sure if this is another mass or if you actually meant to message me directly.

Jack Gorodezky jackz44@prodigy.net.mx:

No / I have sent you only one 2 messages I think / asking you for help. Please try to help me to delete erase defamatory stuff in articles posted Google by enemies newspapers etc Political enemies. Help me please I can send you the links. Thanks. Happy New Year /. Jack

Jack Gorodezky jackz44@prodigy.net.mx:

I am asking you directly for help to erase delete defamatory stuff articles líes Google posted by enemies. Help Me Jack


Its easy enough to do, but it does take time and money. 5,000 USD.

Jack Gorodezky jackz44@prodigy.net.mx:

I will never paíd you not even 50 usd you are nuts !!! For 5000 usd I prefer of course to continue that stuff there. I will never paíd you not when 50 usd never you are nuts. I have a guy working on this already and of course I wanted for free. 5000 usd you are real crazy LoL ja ja ja fuck you


You were the one who asked. I don’t come to your door asking you to do things for free.

Jack Gorodezky jackz44@prodigy.net.mx:

Ok but don’t be a crook. Why 5000 And not 50.000 ? You are fucken crazy !! With 5000 I buy 4 or 5 computers. Don’t be an asswhole !! I will never waste pay for this not even 50 / you can charge whatever you want sure and I can also send you to Hell and to fuck your mother I have also the right to tell you to fuck you. You are fucken nuts LoL. Fuck your mother


If you understood how to run an information warfare campaign you wouldn’t be asking for other people’s help. If the people you have on this “I have a guy working on this already” (per your 11:35 email) had any clue on how to run this type of campaign, then you wouldn’t be asking for more help. This is in fact simple, but I am not inclined to eat roughly 3,500 in expense, and do expect to be paid for my time as well(roughly 20 hours). If you were a company or politician, the bill would be well over 50,000 and not because they could afford it, but because of how much more complicated it becomes. After seeing your communication skills in this matter, I think the situation you are in is quite humorous. Best of luck fucking my mother. Have fun trying to send me to hell. Etc etc.

Jack Gorodezky jackz44@prodigy.net.mx:

I didnt read your stuff I erased your Mail I didnt read it. Fuck your mother. I delete you hours ago from Linkedlin. The Mail you just send it was deleted inmediately. Do not read your shit. Very expensive 5000 usd you are crazy nuts. Stupid. I will never pay you even 50 usd. An Israelí guy specialist computers wanted to charge me 100.000 usd I told him imagine many things. Compare to him you are very very cheap. 100.000 usd he wanted to charge. Imagine and 40 per cent up front. He MUST use heroin hash LSD to try to charge that. LoL. Do not bother to answer me. I didnt read your Mail last one. And go fuck your mother. Crook bastard. 5000 usd. ???? Your are crazy. I had a woman who charges 2000 from USA and I sent her to Hell. /. In March a guy owner etc from Regain your name. Erase a Link for free for me in 24 h. You are a mother fucker bastard. Of course I wanted for free or maybe 50 usd. Common. Mother fucker. I have 180 IQ. You don’t know to whom you are talking to ……. Go lick the Ass of your mother


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