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@AlaskaAir : Why #AlaskaAirSux – The broken foot, the SeaTac, and the champagne pt1

Hi my name is Pythorian, and I like to fly places. In fact, I fly places a lot. When I was a child I used to fly Alaska Airlines transcontinental a lot, but now that I live in the states, I find that I don’t like flying with a propeller six inches from my face. Seriously, it seems around here they like to put you on a q400 a lot, which gives you a nice view of bird guts out your windows. Also, Alaska Airlines use to have some nice attendants. Though now I find that your attendants are uglier and put out less than girls in Provo Utah on spring break. Perhaps we can play Monopoly over Green Jello?alaska air sux birds

So saturday, I broke my heel off on my left foot. Seriously, my heel…. off… pics or it didn’t happen? See below:
alaska air sux my foot
Everything was going very well, the terminal and shuttle drivers all did their job expertly. It all fell apart when I left a single decision in your hands.

I recently took a job at a new company and they use Alaska Airlines almost exclusively. On my return flight originating at SeaTac, I needed to meet back up with a co-worker due to being separated with my disability. I was told by my co-worker that we had access to the board room as employees for the company that we work for. I ended up paying $45 dollars, but I don’t hold that against you.. Its not your fault that you hire 20yr old blondes chicks who talk with contempt and disdain to nonmembers, nor is it your fault that you hire 20yr old chicks who are more concerned with personal conversations about the bra size than calling for a wheelchair, but let me not skip ahead, as I enjoy thinking about her bra size personally….

So I pay you your outrageous $45 and my attendant departs after taking me up the elevator to the second floor bar, leaving instructions with the front desk to have a wheelchair pick me up for my flight in 2 hours. I make it to a seat finally. That was nice, except no one cleared the garbage from the table before I came, or during my stay, and perhaps is still there. There were no power plugs on my side of the table, so I had to switch to the other side, and maybe this is why the waiter didn’t clear it. He must have thought it was my garbage and that I was very sentimental about it.
Part two to come shortly, and ultimate resolution to be updated when there is one. Right now I have without a wheel chair in one of the largest airports in the world.


About Pythorian

Exploration and Production oriented security consultant for securing IT infrastructures relating to natural resources.


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