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RE: Neal Rauhauser Kelly Hallissey Ron Brynaert and the FBI

Ugh, just put your junior detective decoder ring back in the cereal box people, you are dealing with knowledge that would make your mind implode if you even had half a clue what the truth really is. Sad part is that this guy actually sought me out for the sole purpose of wasting my time. Nachash, send me his dox so I can invoice him. 😀

Updated 2 hrs later – sorry, had to drop the screenshots as the convo moved too fast to keep coherent, but here are the updated logs

This is the story of my interview with the great and almighty Ron Brynaert former editor of Raw Story. I suspected that Mr Brynaert wanted to interview me, given his writings regarding some individuals who were engaged in a leaked phone conversation where I was mentioned, when he followed me on Twitter. I obliged by following him in return so he could DM with me, though it took roughly a month for him to work up the nerve.

I was looking forward to the conversation, as I always enjoy making new friends, and do have some insight to share. I was not prepared for what happened next. Momma always told me, “Don’t talk to strangers”. This may be why:

Direct messages › with Ron Brynaert


[March 22nd 2012 Begin Interview]
Ron Brynaert: in the leaked phone call with Kelly, Neal claims you told him (second source after chet uber) that he had a federal probe investigating him
Ron Brynaert: for absurd election fraud bullshit that appears to be a hoax……. Is that true?
Pythorian: There was more to the conversation.
Ron Brynaert: more?

[March 24th Interview Continued]
Ron Brynaert: can you give me more details on that…please?
Pythorian: On which part? A private conversation? Or a recording that was supposedly stolen, and then later said to be leaked intentionally?
Ron Brynaert: um, i’m pretty sure you’re not kelly or neal…so your questions make little sense..and obviously neal rauhauser already broke confidence
Ron Brynaert: and hundreds of people have heard that recording and know taht you allegedly told neal that some – obviously – fictional federal probe for
Ron Brynaert: absurd premise that he was manipulating elections or some such nonsense..even though nearly every campaign he has worked with has lost.
Ron Brynaert: So…yes…specifically I’d like to know about this alleged federal probe you told neal about..if he lied about it…or you are helping him
Ron Brynaert: spread yet another absurd hoax.
Ron Brynaert: It’s pretty apparent that Chet Uber was working with Neal to set up or play games with ridiculous ZAPEM…so did you tell Neal that? or not?
Pythorian: I’m not interested in playing games with you over information that you heard while prying in to someone else’s affairs. Do your own legwork.
Ron Brynaert: you’re a clown
Ron Brynaert: How am i fucking prying into someone else’s affairs? The recordings are on the internet….and obviously there is no federal task force
Ron Brynaert: how long have you known Neal Rauhauser?
Ron Brynaert: Should I not report on HB Gary or Bradley Manning or WikiLeaks because it all came from hacks and whistleblowing?
Pythorian: Or perhaps not nerd rage at someone you are requesting information from that would involve them breaking confidence for your benefit.
Pythorian: Perhaps you would like me to give you a crash course on 6 years of history so you can further your own agenda without any regard for me?
Pythorian: You are a clown posing as a journalist. By your own words, you are saying there is no story except to slander
Pythorian: based on a phone call that you listened to without invitation.
Pythorian: So, since you have have already digressed to this level of vernacular.. Fuck off
Ron Brynaert: nerd rage lol
Ron Brynaert: you are a moron….i didn’t listen to a phone call without invitation..its on the fucking internet.
Ron Brynaert: and i have no “agenda” i don’t care about left or right..i’m just trying to get to the truth…you give stupid trolly lulzy responses.
Ron Brynaert: There’s no federal probe of neal….did you tell him there is one? or not?
Pythorian: I disagree, you pried into affairs you know absolutely nothing about, and can’t possibly hope to.
Ron Brynaert: omg you wrote a blog post….. im about to read it…. and it mentions fbi…. hahahha
Pythorian: While doing so, you were not invited to listen to that recording by any of the people involved in it.
Ron Brynaert: You are a fucking idiot..I didn’t probe into any affairs. THE CALL IS ON THE INTERNET….
Ron Brynaert: You are the stupidest troll, yet..
Pythorian: So you are clearly only serving your own ends, while demanding my answers to your inanely under researched questions.
Ron Brynaert: You are the stupidest troll I’ve interviewed so far. You make Schmoop and Zapem seem like Harvard graduates.
Ron Brynaert: omg …… Are you fucking for real?
Ron Brynaert: Do you sniff glue?
Pythorian: You call this an interview?
Pythorian: You questions are under researched and leading.
Ron Brynaert: I”m talking to a weirdo who uses an avatar of a cartoon cat with a bow in its head. Am I supposed to believe you are in the CIA? LMFAO
Ron Brynaert: um, your first response was stupid and you haven’t answered one question…and you leaked our DMs even though you look like a clown.
Ron Brynaert: An interview consists of questions and answers, without any answers it stops being an interview, and your first response was zany.
Pythorian: Well, as a “journalist” you are certainly entitled to have an opinion. Though I would point out that expressing said opinions in text is gen
Pythorian: erally taboo.
Pythorian: When you have questions that are properly formatted and show reasonable understanding of the subject matter, I will consider answering.
Ron Brynaert: what a dumb blog post…. what the fuck does the FBI have to do with anything?
Ron Brynaert: Are you sure the Men In Black and Transformers aren’t involved, too?
Pythorian: Your own questions involved them in the conversation, as well as the other parties. As a “journalist” do you often forget what you write?
Ron Brynaert: My questions are not under researched, you absurd clown.
Ron Brynaert: LOL you leaked our dms when you look like an idiot.
Pythorian: If a subject of an interview is claiming that your questions are faulty, and you are claiming they are not, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose
Ron Brynaert: Who reads your blog? You and your collection of teddy bears?
Ron Brynaert: Please update your blogpost with all these DMs so everyone can laugh at you (except for the absurd trolls who pretend I’m the silly one).
Pythorian: As soon as this conversation ends, an updated post will be published.
Ron Brynaert: um, yeah i’m pretty sure i’m allowed to have an opinion as a human being. What brand of glue do you prefer? Elmer’s or Crazy glue?
Ron Brynaert: Cool. Do you read your blog posts aloud to your teddy bears? You remind me of Cartman having a tea party with stuffed animals.
Pythorian: You are certainly allowed to have an opinion, however the concept of journalism generally precludes personal opinions from print.
Ron Brynaert: I’m quite certain the cartoon cat with the bow in her hair is privy to FBI probes of riggers of elections. That’s totally believable!
Ron Brynaert: um, you’re absurd. All writing contains opinions.
Ron Brynaert: And my opinion is you’re a loon, who hasn’t come close to answering a question….and says nutty stuff. Do you have lyme disease?
Pythorian: Well, far be it for me to argue with you about journalist, as that would be a waste of everyone’s time. I will leave that to public opinion.
Ron Brynaert: Please Mr. or Mrs. Cartoon cat, make my “head implode” with your secret knowledge of FBI probes. Is Bigfoot’s cousin in Hangar 18?
Ron Brynaert: Oh, I’m sorry. Am I being insulting? If I apologize will you make my “head implode” and tell me what 42 means?
Pythorian: As far as I know, Bigfoot does not have a cousin.
Pythorian: 42 in 4bit is 69, I have always interpreted this to mean the meaning of life is sex, though I believe the author had a different intent.
Ron Brynaert: The smiley face in your article has me convinced you hold all the secrets to the JFK assassination and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Ron Brynaert: Now I know you’re lying. I have secret intel that Bigfoot’s cousin will be Obama’s next Supreme Court justice.
Pythorian: Are you hoping to cause me to slip some information through your attempts to anger me?
Pythorian: Or are you simply wasting both of our schedules?
Ron Brynaert: Aren’t you going to accuse me of being in bed with Dan? He got mad after Sanguinarious told him to suck his dick because he’s a top.
Ron Brynaert: No your first response proved that you’re a hoaxer. I’m just trying to entertain your teddy bear collection. And you should tweet the
Ron Brynaert: Rustle League because they probably will enjoy your blog post.
Ron Brynaert: What schedule do you have? It’s Sunday night. You can make up conspiracy theories about Fringe Division tapping your umbrellas tomorrow.
Ron Brynaert: I’m reading your tweets and now I feel really silly. Your constant use of “butthurt” proves that you are privy to all state secrets.
Ron Brynaert: This tweet is funny: “The truth is in my semen… How far are you willing to go for the truth? and.. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?? Two handed?”
Ron Brynaert: I guess I’m not willing to go that far for the truth….so my head isn’t going to implode. I really don’t want my head to implode anyway.
Pythorian: Well Mr Brynaert, I am saddened that we got off on the wrong foot. I was looking forward to this interview with you for the last ~month.
Ron Brynaert: um, your timeline shows that you mostly talk to silly trolls. I quite enjoyed myself mocking you. Sorry, you didn’t enjoy it, too.
Ron Brynaert: I think it’s hysterical that all you trolls have thin skin. You make lame jokes, say silly stuff, but get so easily offended.
Pythorian: I pity that you apparently have so much free time to waste, I however do not.
Ron Brynaert: yeah, i read your tweets going back six months while i’ve been mocking you, you deal with serious stuff. linking to stories with the word
Ron Brynaert: “hack” in it and stuff about nintendo is hard work.
Pythorian: I have never been scheduled to speak at that conference. If you are referring to Miami, I have cancelled my appearance due to schedule.
Ron Brynaert: Teddy bears need lots of love, so I’ll bid you a fond adieu. Please DM me if you hear about any FBi probes of Uranus.
Pythorian: Fortunately, stories are auto linked for me, though sometimes quality is low. You however got a special appearance.
Ron Brynaert: I guess you were worried that you would make Hubris seem sane in comparison.
Pythorian: Again, I will leave interpretation of sanity to public opinion.
Ron Brynaert: Cool. Tweet your link to @Asshurtmacfags since she probably gets more attention than other dimwitted trolls now that weev is busy
Ron Brynaert: getting swastika tattoos.
Ron Brynaert: You mean twitter troll opinion. The public isn’t reading Rustle League tweets. They prefer Modern Family and Marvel superhero movies.
Pythorian: Tweet sent
Ron Brynaert: Lemme give a shoutout to Biggie and 2pac before you finish updating your blog. They’re still dead but Kendrick Lamar doesn’t rustle jimmies.
Pythorian: I fail to see your obsession with mentioning Rustle League.
[March 24th Interview concluded?]

OH! and for the record, the only reason these went up, was for the humor of a supposed professional’s conduct as a journalist.

[part 3]
Ron Brynaert: ‏Interesting video. Have you sold your “powerful evidence management system” to many police departments? @pythorian http:///
Pythorian: @ronbryn At 500k per install, thank you for the PR
Twitter: Need To Know Basis favorited your Tweet – @ronbryn At 500k per install, thank you for the PR
Girl Friday: ‏@ronbryn You are a cute little puppy. Can I take you home and put you in the closet? cc: @Pythorian
Ron Brynaert: I asked if you sold many to police departments. I didn’t ask you how much you were asking. At that cost, I doubt you sold any. @Pythorian
Pythorian: @girlfridaytrll @ronbryn Meow?
Pythorian: ‏@ronbryn In English we would call my response an inferred affirmative, but I guess you skipped that class.
Ron Brynaert: ‏What does this picture of Guy Fawkes mask at your blog mean? Does your firm also monitor Anons for LEAs? @Pythorian http:///
Girl Friday: @ronbryn @Pythorian Ron, back off a little. You have other fish to fry, kiddo.
Girl Friday: @ronbryn @Pythorian p.s., if you read the entire blog post, you would understand why he was sending that to clients. Calm down. Deep breaths
Twitter: Ron Brynaert retweeted you – @ronbryn At 500k per install, thank you for the PR
Pythorian: ‏@ronbryn The picture was quite relevant to the story. We don’t monitor, and not for LEAs. Fringe risk detection for private corps.
Ron Brynaert: ‏No, it’s not. You’re still ducking the question. Yes or no? Dude, your firm doesn’t look like it ever scored a $50K contract. @Pythorian
Ron Brynaert: What “other fish” do I have “to fry”? Is that some kind of threat? @girlfridaytrll @Pythorian
Girl Friday: @ronbryn Just remind you that getting your panties in a wad over @Pythorian is not a battle that means anything.
Pythorian: @ronbryn and here you are again demanding information, and still asking poorly phrased and under researched questions.
Ron Brynaert: There is no text on blog post, just a related link. Who the hell was asking you anything? @girlfridaytrll @Pythorian http:///
Girl Friday: /me looks at the land space owned outright and laughs @ronbryn @Pythorian
Pythorian: @ronbryn @girlfridaytrll I am cautioning you to stop being abusive to other users @safety
Girl Friday: @ronbryn @Pythorian Adorable enough to almost pat on the head. Who am I? Dox a little harder, kiddo.
Ron Brynaert: Perhaps u should use some $ from alleged $500K contracts to buy reading glasses or fix your site. Is Sandhu in your Twitter clan? @Pythorian
Pythorian: @ronbryn clan? @safety
Ron Brynaert: Did you inform @NealRauhauser that there was an alleged federal probe of him? Wouldn’t that be obstruction of justice? @Pythorian
Ron Brynaert: Your cute and flippant remarks, and long history of working with trolls belies your attempts to pretend you are a professional. @Pythorian
Pythorian: @ronbryn I am saddened by your parading as a journalist.

[end part 3]

FTR Tips for aspiring journalists performing interviews:

  • Whether there is a Federal investigation, is not something that can be commented on as it may be construed as obstruction of justice.
  • Lay foundation for your questions.
  • Avoid compound or leading questions.
  • Ask only questions that can be directly answered by your subject.
  • Do not ask what someone said to your subject.
  • Do not ask your subject’s interpretation of the legality of an activity.
  • Avoid subjective or negative opinion based adjectives.
  • Avoid your own opinion showing in the questions.


ron brynaert fired for smoking crack at Kim's


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