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Deep Packet Analysis, Tips

Port 4567 on Centurylink and Verizon PT2

Since some people still don’t get it and have resorted to calling me a “nigger” to prove their argument as sound…. I am posting this followup article that also includes pretty pictures.

HERE, picture 1
Remote CPE Control via TR-069

And here are the basic features of such remote administration.

  • Service activation and reconfiguration
    • Initial configuration of the service as part of zero-touch or one-touch configuration process
    • Service reestablishment (ex. after device is factory-reset, exchanged)
  • Remote Subscriber Support
    • Verification of the device status and functionality
    • Manual reconfiguration
  • Firmware and Configuration Management
    • Firmware upgrade/downgrade
    • Configuration backup/restore
  • Diagnostics and monitoring
    • Throughput (TR-143) and connectivity diagnostics
    • Parameter value retrieval
    • Log file retrieval

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! Its everything I would want if I were administrating a crapload of modems at an ISP.

Now, not to dispair, if you really want to have your modem all snuggly safe, because you don’t trust the people who are certified, and paid to do it for a living, to keep your modem secure, you could always buy one from Newegg. TBF I PREFER to pay 4 times as much for a modem by buying it through an ISP. Just saying, but thats because I am certified.


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