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Securing Windows Against Stupid Simple Attacks: Pt 1 The Premise

Those of you that work with me already know that I am a huge proponent of the Windows operating system as a versatile platform that is easy to administer. I reserve the use of Linux systems to specialty appliance type roles on a network. If I need a more advanced router, if I need a simple NAS, if I need a LAMP server, in walks Debian.

My main reason for this is in how easy and accessible most security points can be addressed versus running around and editing daemon config files. While I can handle both platforms, most people can’t. Even a large percentage of Linux gurus that I talk to, have trouble securing a Windows machine.

I am going to open this thread series for the purpose of collecting Windows attack vectors that are open by default and difficult for a user to secure in the Windows administration interfaces. Basically, if its not an icon in Control Panel, it needs to be addressed!

Please comment with suggested problems for me to write about! I am interested in reading all of the reasons I am wrong 😛


About Pythorian

Exploration and Production oriented security consultant for securing IT infrastructures relating to natural resources.


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