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wget over Tor on Debian to mirror a .onion address

I was presented with a problem today that I couldn’t find a non hackish way around. I hope maybe you guys can come up with a better solution. I needed to mirror a site that was a hidden service on the Tor network. For those of you that are not all that familiar with tor, this means a couple things.

  1. The site needs to be accessed with https
  2. The site is not available through standard DNS
  3. The site can be accessed by appending .to to the end of the address, but with a network entry page
  4. The network entry page is not wget friendly

Testing first on Windows (I find it easier to edit config files and test), I found that wget cannot directly use Tor as a proxy. Reading the documentation I guess its because wget expects a proxy to be socks5 only? This left me with the only option of using a proxy to connect to a proxy so wget could connect to Tor? Enter privoxy which today saved my ass. Below are the steps below to help out anyone in the same boat, but I would really like to see some comments turning me on to a better way!

sudo apt-get install -y tor tor-geoipdb privoxy
nano /etc/wgetrc
http_proxy = http://localhost:8118

save the file and exit

nano /etc/privoxy/config

uncomment the line below, save the file and exit

#        forward-socks5             / .
service tor start;server privoxy start
wget -mk -proxy=on <site>

I am certainly not authoritative on this subject, everyone who knows me knows that I hate using Tor. Please comment with a better way, and please explain why it is better. Wget is way to important to just leave unable to connect directly to Tor!


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