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FBI sponsoring the illegal activities of hackers?

FBI sponsoring the illegal activities of hackers The image to the left is the relevant logs to the conversation here regarding illegal activities and malicious software. There are many other relevant logs and synopsis available on http://faksesec.wordpress.com

Moving on…. with facts(better cover your eyes Jen)

  • As we all know SanguineRose aka Sanguinarious aka William Welna is a paid informant thanks to the strong urging of AsherahResearch aka Jen Emick.
  • SanguineRose has been involved in many illegal activities including the harassment of Jen Emick.
  • Jen Emick turns a blind eye to William Welna’s illegal activities.
  • Prosec authored a POC featured here http://pastie.org/pastes/3239189/text on Jan 22 2012.
  • SanguineRose criticized the code as “fail” and reposted it with minor alterations(not modifying the shellcode) on his own pastebin.
  • SanguineRose later removed the item from his pastebin.
  • The code was then uploaded to Insecurety.net[sic] here insecurety.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/x0rr0shell.c on Jun 28 2012.
  • @info_dox praised William Welna’s code on 8/23/2012 saying “I know Sangs code when I see it. He is spectacular at what he does.”
  • @info_dox has insecurety.net[sic] listed as his website on his twitter profile.
  • @AsherahResearch filed a police report against Kelly Hallisey claiming intimidation and interference with 911 on Aug 23 2012.
  • @AsherahResearch claimed in said report that Kelly Hallisey performed actions that were in fact not performed by her.
  • @info_dox was responding to a thread regarding @AsherahResearch’s attempt to intimidate a witness by filing a false police report.

Conclusion, the FBI is receiving information from two individuals who are in turn rewarded for their actions and a blind eye is cast when there is clear evidence of their illegal activities. This is indirect sponsorship of terrorist activities by the FBI. This is why snitching is bad mmmkay, you shouldn’t do it because its baaaad mmmkay?

If any of these points are in question, please feel free to leave a comment and I will address them in the comments section.

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