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@AsherahResearch fails yet again

@AsherahResearch Jen Emick Again with your vague tweets avoiding facts. The fact here is that the accusation attached to the logs was that you were aware of SanguineRose’s alteration of information that you were relaying in turn to the FBI, as well as toting as fact on twitter(how professional).

This information was used in the investigation of Sabu, and now with your complicit behavior in a felony(altering evidence), Sabu could possibly be exhonerated.

You then turn around and say that the logs documenting your behavior are altered and don’t matter anyway. (Your standard response to anything damaging or contrary to your interpretation of events) I beg to differ in fact the relevant parts are summarized here: <a href=”http://faksesec.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-the-fbi-and-other-lea-are-in-for-trouble/”>http://faksesec.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-the-fbi-and-other-lea-are-in-for-trouble/</a&gt;

When I ask that you provide proof of the alteration, you in turn call me a creep. It seems that you have no intention of handling this in a civilized manner. The same as when you were tweeting about my trying to extort people while you full well knew the logs were false. I know this because I told you. Thats right, while Will was faking the logs, and you were laughing about them, you were both in fact talking to me.

Moving on to the email address you claimed I hacked. bridgeofsmoke@hotmail.com was expired, sorry to tell you that, but when you don’t log into free email accounts for a while….. they expire. So, I kindly registered it for safe keeping, making me the lawful owner of that account. As far as extorting you? I never did, I simply offered to sell the account on twitter. I think you have some serious delusions that you have anything to extort in the first place! AFAIK you are flat broke after a foreclosure and a few other well timed financial mishaps since you started messing with people.

Now, on to the crimes that I have suffered at your hands. I count 3 felonies, and 2 decent looking lawsuits. I would sue, but as addressed previously, can’t get blood from a rock. I will simply have to be satisfied with watching the FBI pick your bones, though it wont be as satisfying as I know that mine is not the only case against you right now. 🙂

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Exploration and Production oriented security consultant for securing IT infrastructures relating to natural resources.


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