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The downfall of anarchy

I read this extreme piece today and thought that the community might do well with a reminder of what we are working toward. While the quote below is quite accurate in its content, its also extremist, and agoraphobic to the point of being destructive or at the very least detrimental to humanity.

Jen Jen Jen – As always, you entirely miss the point because you are trapped in your myopic world view. Anonymous is an ANARCHIST movement, as such we have absolutely no respect for your “social contract”, government or it’s “rule of law”. We embrace chaos. And we do not stand for any imaginary “right to privacy”: Privacy is NOT a right, it is a state – like happiness. The only privacy you are entitled to is that which you can provide for yourself. As for threatening or silencing our critics via DdoS, Defacement – or intimidation. If they would set up their web sites correctly the first two would be impossible. As for the last, they are always free to intimidate us right back. Every human for themselves, chaos – anarchy. It is the natural order. Nation States and your pathetic “rule of law” have only existed for 5000 years or so. Mankind has been around for 100,000 years at least. That means we survived just fine with out governments for 95% of our existence. What really appeals to you (and others like you) about your evil “civilization” is that it allows you to completely opt out of your responsibility as a sovereign human being. You don’t have to educate your own children, you have the “public schools” to indoctrinate…uhm I mean educate them. You don’t have to secure your own person or property, you have the fascist cops to call. Hell you don’t even have to deal with the garbage you generate you just drag it to the curb once a week. And god forbid a pot hole appears on your street, you will yell and scream bloody murder until your “government” comes to fix it, rather than just grabbing a shovel and doing it yourself. Your tidy little world is ending Jen. While we dance on the ashes of your pathetic civilization, you and your kind will run frantically from empty ATM to empty ATM, while desperately trying to find one last open McDonalds. You have said over and over it won’t happen. I am sure that’s what the Roman middle class said as the Visagoths surrounded the walls, or the French merchant class said as the guillotines began their sweet song of justice for the elite. Every civilization is doomed, because the concept itself is flawed. SINCERELY YOURS — Commander X

Its very true that we have existed as a race for far longer than we have had government, and in many ways government is unnecessary.

From this point on, “Atlas Shrugged” is required reading(reread if you are on of those smart asses that thinnks you understood books in high school and haven’t read since)

The United States was founded on the principle of limited government interference. Today we have massive tampering in our financial system in the form of tariff’s, subsidies, government spending, and political manipulation of the prime interest rate to control the supply of money. Our Judicial Branch has encourage overzealous prosecution and stiffer sentences against non violent offenders that society is in debate as to whether or not they are even criminals.

Where is the average American during this? Right where Commander-X said! The average American is worried about talking about problems. The average American is to lazy to properly dispose of their waste, and god forbid there is a pothole on their street!

We move forward by being the leaders of innovation. We move forward by creating pillars of success for our children to stand on. We move forward by making ourselves too valuable to society for government to suppress. We make ourselves so powerful that no government would dare oppose our will.

Its not a self righteous will, its the pride of achievement and the power of success. Ayn Rand is right in that there is no more beautiful phrase in the English language than “Too make money”.

I have plenty of dissenters out there, cowards who hide and throw stones. People who disagree with my message. I don’t ask for their apology. I simply ask for them to ask themselves what they have produced? What have you invented? What have you built? What is your worth in society? I already know their answers. They will say that they keep people safe? NO, you only maintain a machine rather than building upon it! They will say that they fight to change things for the better. NO, you only fight to change the change with limited sight as to what is right or wrong, you fight to destroy what someone else has created.

Fight for your vision of the future.
Build your vision of the future.
Make money.

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