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DeathByCaptcha Updated API Servers

I got this email today and had to update my DBC client class. You will likely have to do the same if you use them. Head us! 🙂

Hi Captcha Killers,

For security and stability reasons, we’ve decided to change our domain
name. The new domain name will be http://deathbycaptcha.eu. This
change will allow us to keep operating our service securely. Our
deathbycaptcha.com domain will close in April.

We’re also changing our API server domain. The API server domain is
the one used by your software to send CAPTCHAs to our service. There’s
a small minority of software that require you to manually input some
Host or API details. Please find below instructions on how to identify
if your software requires manual changes, and how to make changes to
the configuration if needed:

* For software that doesn’t have an API (or Host) URL settings textbox:
** Don’t do anything! We’ve already informed most software vendors
about the API update 🙂

*For Software that asks for the DeathByCaptcha HTTP API:
** host: http://api.dbcapi.me/api

* For software that uses the Decaptcher POST URL:
** host: http://api.dbcapi.me/decaptcher

* For all other software, scripts or tools:
** host: api.dbcapi.me

Please notice that these changes must to be in place by the first week
of April 2012 the latest.

Are you a software vendor and you haven’t heard anything from us? Send
us an email! All of our API Clients are updated with these new

We would like this information to be known only to our users and not
the rest of the internet. Please avoid sharing the new API details
publicly. We trust you guys!

On the other hand, we do encourage you to inform all of your fellow
captcha killers about our new website domain name:

Happy Captcha Killing,
Jose M
Death By Captcha


About Pythorian

Exploration and Production oriented security consultant for securing IT infrastructures relating to natural resources.


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